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Tibet Townships Search Engine

The search engine formerly posted at this URL has been removed. However the dataset for the search engine can be downloaded here

The records in the Excel tables are based on the 1990 Census, published in various local Chinese language sources in the early 1990s. The original data input was done by Karl Ryavec and the Tibetan and Himalayan Digital Library. Each of the entries has a Guobiao Code number, and most of them have extensions (beyond the original six-digit codes) added by Ryavec. Diamond Bay Research added the Chinese Characters, and additional codes where they were needed.

The Tibetan sections of the Guobiao Code Lists GBT 2260-95 and GBT 2260-99 have also been cross-indexed, showing the changes in official county-level administrative units between 1991, 1995, and 1999. This dataset, called Greater Tibetan Area Placenames Cross-Index can be downloaded here.