F45 (1945 -1949) Not sorted by year. Updated 28 September 1998.


Butler, E. M., RITUAL MAGIC, 1, 1949, Cambridge University Press, HB.

Butler, E. M., MYTH OF THE MAGUS, THE, 1948, Cambridge University Press, HB.
Campbell, John Wood, WHO GOES THERE?, 1948, Shasta, HB. Cover painting by Hans Bok. Originaly published in the pulp magazines under the pseudonym Don A. Stuart. Nasty little story which became the basis for THE THING -- FROM ANOTHER WORLD (1953 entry), the template nasty alien movie, and John Carpenter's very nasty THE THING (1982 entry). Campbell was the editor of AMAZING STORIES, later ANALOG, longer than anyone really wants to remember.
Case, Paul Foster. TAROT, THE, 1947, Macay Publishing Co. (Richmond, VA), HB.

Edwards, I. E. S., PYRAMIDS OF EGYPT, THE, 1 1947, Penguin. PB. See 1961 entry.

Heinlein, Robert, ROCKETSHIP GALILEO, 1947, Scribners, HB. The beginning of a series of juvenile science fiction titles by Heinlein. This one is rather like the Rover Boys in space. It was used as a basis for the 1950 movie DESTINATION MOON (entry).

Hubbard, L. Ron, THE SLAVES OF SLEEP, 1948, Shasta, HB. With cover by Hans Bok. See UNKNOWN, below.
Lovecraft, H.P., THE DUNWICH HORROR, 1, 1945, Bart House, PB.
Lovecraft, H, P, THE LURKING FEAR AND OTHER STORIES, 1, 1947, Avon, PB.
Myers, John Myers, SILVERLOCK, 1, 1949, Dutton,  HB.

Polanyi, Michael, SCIENCE, FAITH AND SOCIETY, 1, 1946, Oxford University Press, HB. See 1964 entry.

Reich, Wilhelm, LISTEN, LITTLE MAN, 1, 1948, Orgone Institute Press, HB?

Reich, Wilhelm, DISCOVERY OF THE ORGONE, VOL I: FUNCTION OF THE ORGASM, l, 1942, Orgone Institute Press, HB.

S. I. Hayakawa, LANGUAGE IN THOUGHT IN ACTI0N, 1949, Harcourt Brace, HB. Various editions over the years.

Schweitzer, Albert, QUEST OF THE HISTORICAL JESUS, THE, 1, 1948, Macmillan, HB, Translation of 1906 title. See 1961 entry.

 Wilkins, Harold T., MYSTERIES OF ANCIENT SOUTH AMERICA, 1946, Rider (London), HB. Wilkins is one of an older group of "fringe" writers who wrote about treasure hunting, and mysterious lost cities in exotic locals. He generally supports the ideas of Col. P. H. Fawcett, that lost colonies of Atlantis would be found in the jungles of Brazil. This work contains a large body of legends and tall tales that would later show up in 60's and 70's fringe literature, especially those about "extraterrestrial genesis." Wilkins later took up the cause of UFOs, bringing his taste for ancient mysteries to a whole new field. I think these pre-UFO books by Wilkins possess a certain charm that is missing in his later works (See 1954, 1955, 1957, and 1967 entries).

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