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F63 (1963) Updated 20 October 1998


Baring-Gould, William S., SHERLOCK HOLMES OF BAKER STREET, 2, 1963, Popular Library, PB.

Bingham, Hiram, LOST CITY OF THE INCAS, THE, 1963, Atheneum, PB. Reprint of 1948 title.

Bradbury, Ray, THE MARTIAN CHRONICLES, 4, Time Inc., Trade. Time Reading Program ed.

Brown, J. A. C., TECHNIQUES OF PERSUASION, 1963, Penguin, PB, See Research Bibliography.

Burgess, Anthony, A CLOCKWORK ORANGE,  1, 1963, Norton, HB and Trade. See 1965 entry.

Camp, L. Sprague de, ANCIENT ENGINEERS, THE, 1, 1963, Doubleday, HB, entry

Camp, L. Sprague de, BRONZE GOD OF RHODES, THE, 2, 1963, Bantam, PB. entry

Christian, Paul [Jean-Baptiste Pitois], THE HISTORY AND PRACTICE OF MAGIC, 1, 1963, Citadel Press, HB, 2 vols. Edited and Revised by Ross Nichols. See 1969 entry.
Chung-yuan, Chang, CREATIVITY AND TAOSIM, 1, 1963, Julian Press, HB (see 1970 entry).
Dick, Philip K., MAN IN HIGH CASTLE, 2, 1962,  Popular Library, PB, no date, 1963? 
DR. STRANGELOVE: OR HOW I LEARNED TO STOP WORRYING AND LOVE THE BOMB, Motion Picture, 1963, Director: Stanley Kubrick. Kubrick's black (black, very black) comedy about the events leading up to an atomic war is as relevant today as it was in '63 (maybe more so). Especially on target is the portrayal of the absurd logic that leads to escalation. This film, and its serious sister film FAIL SAFE, the same year, reflect the experience of the early 60's, especially the Cuban missile crisis, and the real threat of mega-death. Maybe the reason there was no serious attempt at detente in the late 70's and 80's, is that the memory of the fear grows faint.

DR. WHO, T. V. Serial, 1963, BBC TV, First episode "An Unearthly Child," 23 Nov. 1963.

Gurdjieff, G. I., MEETINGS WITH REMARKABLE MEN, l, 1963, Dutton, HB, See 1969 entry.

Haggard, H. Rider, CLEOPATRA, 1963, Pocket Books, PB, Reprint of 1989 title.

Happold, F. C., MYSTICISM, 1963, Penguin. PB.

HAUNTED PALACE, Motion Picture, 1963. Directed by Roger Corman. Script by Charles Beaumont.  When American International Pictures ran out  stories for their series of Poe flics, they started using poems or at least the titles of Poe poems as the basis of their plots.  The poem "Haunted Palace" doesn't have much of a plot, so this film is actually based on THE STRANGE CASE OF CHARLES DEXTER WARD by H. P. Lovecraft.  This actually gives it the distinction of being the first film to be based on a Lovecraft story.  THE STRANGE CASE OF CHARLES DEXTER WARD ( 1965 and 1972 entries) also has the distinction of being the most filmed work of Lovecraft.

Hesse, Hermann, STEPPENWOLF, 1, 1963, Holt, Rinehart and Winston, HB. Translation of 1927 German title. entry

Hoffer, Eric, ORDEAL OF CHANGE, THE, 1, 1963, Harper and Row, HB. See 1967 entry.

Honore, Pierre, IN QUEST OF THE WHITE GOD, 1, 1963, Hutchinson and Co. (London), HB. Translation of 1961 German title.

Huxley, Aldous, ISLAND, 1, 1963, HB, Publishing information needed.

Irwin, Constance, FAIR GODS AND STONE FACES, 1963, St. Martin's Press, HB. This is an early (post-Heyerdahl) classic of neo-defusionism. Irwin presents an argument for Old World contact in pre-Columbian America. I think this book is largely responsible for the rekindling of interest in this old idea. Almost all the later neo-defusionists seem to have read and absorbed this one. Even skeptics like Nigel Davis (see 1979 entry) have a begrudging respect for it.

Kerouac, Jack, BIG SUR, 2, 1963, Bantam, PB.

Kueshana, Eklal, ULTIMATE FRONTIER, THE, 1963, Private Printing (Chicago, IL), Trade. Later eds. and revisions published by the Stelle Group.

Lovecraft, H. P., DUNWICH HORROR AND OTHERS, THE, 1, 1963, Lancer, PB. First PB Lovecraft since the 40's.

Menzel, David H., and Bond, Lyle G., WORLD OF FLYING SAUCERS, 1963, Doubleday, HB.

Miller, Henry, BLACK SPRING, 1, 1963, Grove Press, HB. First published by Obelisk Press, Paris, in 1936.

Miller, Henry, TROPIC OF CAPRICORN, 2, 1962, Grove Press, PB.

Mishra, Rammurti S., YOGA SUTRAS, 1, 1963, Julian Press, HB. See 1973 entry.

Mundy, Talbot, QUEEN CLEOPATRA, 2, 1963, Ace Books, PB.
Norton, Andre, WITCH WORLD, 1, 1963, Ace, PB.  The first book in Andre Norton's long running fantasy series which has became almost a franchise with many different writers adding their own "witch world" tales in more recent years.  Critics of the day compared the series, rightly, I think, to the earlier pulp fantasies of A. Merritt.  The publisher seems to have been reluctant to market it this way, giving it a "space opera" style cover by Jack Gaughan.
Pauwels, Louis and Bergier, Jacques, DAWN OF MAGIC, 2, 1963, Anthony Gibbs & Phillips, HB. British edition of LE MATIN DES MAGICIENS. See "The Quixotic Dialectical Metaphysical Manifesto." 
Pynchon, Thomas, V., 1, 1963, Lippincott, HB. See 1964 entry.

Spenser, Sidney, MYSTICISM IN WORLD RELIGIONS, 1963, Penguin, PB. Need Copy.

Sutcliff, Rosemary, SWORD AT SUNSET, 1963, original publisher needed, HB. Need Copy and Info / PB? Avon? 1964? entry.
Vonnegut, Kurt, Jr. CAT'S CRADLE, 1, 1963, Holt, Rinehart & Winston, HB.

Walsh, John E., SHROUD, THE, 1963, Random House, HB. PB?

Wilson, Colin, SEX DIARY OF GERARD SORME, 1, 1963, Dial Press, PB, See 1964 entry.

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