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Adamski, George, BEHIND THE FLYING SAUCERS, 2, 1967, Paperback Library, PB., Reprint of FLYING SAUCERS FAREWELL, 1961 entry.
Adamski, George, INSIDE THE FLYING SAUCERS, 2, 1967, Paperback Library, PB. Reprint of INSIDE THE SPACE SHIPS, 1955 entry.
ADVENTURES OF JODELLE, Comic Graphic Novel, 1967, Grove Press, HB. Written by Pierre Bartier, and illustrated by Guy Peellaert. More adults-only comics from France, brought to the USA in the pages of the EVERGREEN REVIEW and, published by Grove Press. The story takes place in an anacronistic Roman Empire with neon lights, night clubs, and gay Gaulish Druids.
Anderson, Chester, THE BUTTERFLY KID, 1, 1967, Pyramid, PB. A satiric science fiction novel set in Greenwich Village about the time of height of the New York Hippie scene (circa 1966). Anderson was a part of the Beat scene in New York, and eventually ended up on the west coast where he was one of founders of the Communication Company (an arm of the Diggers) in Height-Ashbury. My own copy, bought new off a drug store rack, was read to shreads by my own bohemian/hippy friends, and has developed a cult over the following years. It commands record prices in the collecter paperback market. A genuine hoot if you can ever find a copy. Michael Kurland wrote a sequel UNICORN GIRL (1969 entry). 
       I am looking for  information concerining the author, or the writing of this book, as well as the identity of the cover artist.  Please email me if you know anything.

ARE YOU EXPERIENCED? Jimi Hendrix Experience, The, 1967, Reprise Records, LP. Released Sept. 1967.

Bachofen, J. J., MYTH, RELIGION, AND MOTHER RIGHT, 1967, Princeton University Press/ Bollingen, HB.

Baker, Elsworth F., MAN IN THE TRAP, 1, 1967, Macmillan, HB. See 1974 entry.

Baring-Gould, William S., ed., ANNOTATED SHERLOCK HOLMES, THE, 1, 1967, Clarkson N. Potter, HB. 2 Vols.

Barrett, Francis, MAGUS, THE, 1967, University Books, HB. Reprint of 1801 Title.

Binder, Otto, WHAT WE REALLY KNOW ABOUT FLYING SAUCERS, 1967, Fawcett, PB. There was a noticeable increase in UFO sightings in the mid-60's, with 1966 representing the peak. This lead to a rash of new titles, and a scramble to reprint earlier works. Many unsympathetic souls have suggested that the 66-67 wave of UFOs may have had more to do with the increased use of LSD than with actual sightings. This is a typical paperback original, more or less the same as others of the period. It's written by Otto Binder, one of the grand old men of the pulps (co-creator of Adam Link--Robot). That makes it a sentimental favorite.
Blackwood, Algernon, TALES OF THE UNCANNY AND THE SUPERNATURAL, 1967, Spring Books, HB. Reprint of 1949 British title. With the growing interest in the occult and supernatural, older writers of supernatural tales like Arthur Machen, M. R. James, H. P. Lovecraft, and Blackwood found a new audience in the late 60s.

Boyd, Malcolm, ARE YOU RUNNING WITH ME JESUS, 2, 1967, Avon, PB. Boyd was sort of the patron saint of the Christian radical movement as typified by the earlier readers of RAMPARTS magazine.

Brandon, S. G. F., JUDGMENT OF THE DEAD, THE, 1967, Scribner's, HB. and Trade.

Brandon, S. G. F., JESUS AND THE ZEALOTS, 1967, Scribner's, Trade. HB?

Brown, Hugh Auchincloss, CATACLYSMS OF EARTH, 1967, Twayne Publishers, HB. With the editorial assistance of Phillip C. Flayderman. Brown believed that the Earth was heading for disaster in which most of the human population would be killed. He postulated that ice build-up at the South Pole would eventually cause the Earth to roll over sideways to its direction of rotation. What is now the poles would end up on the equator. Brown was especially worried about the rapid build up on the poles, in recent times. Brown's ideas have been borrowed, often without crediting his work, by subsequent popular catastrophists.
Burroughs, William S., THE SOFT MACHINE, 2, 1967, Grove Press, PB.
Burroughs, William S., THE TICKET THAT EXPLODED, 1, 1967, Grove Press, HB and Trade. Originally published by Olympia Press, Paris 1961. 

Cavendish, Richard, BLACK ARTS, THE, 1, 1967, Routledge and Kegan Paul/British edition, HB. See 1968 entry

Cohen, Daniel, MYTHS OF THE SPACE AGE, 1967, Dodd, Mead, HB. PB?

Cohen, Leonard, BEAUTIFUL LOSERS, 2, 1967, Bantam, PB. entry

Cooper, David, PSYCHIATRY AND ANTI-PSYCHIATRY, 1, 1967, Tavistock, Publications, HB. See 1971 entry.

David, Jay, ed., FLYING SAUCER READER, THE, 2, 1967, Signet, PB. This a nice sample of the state of UFO writings in the late 60's. David includes short excerpts from most of the major authors on the subject, and one can get a feel for the diversity of views among them. This is a good entry point in the study of UFOlogy.

David-Neel, Alexandra, SECRET ORAL TEACHING IN TIBETAN BUDDHIST SECTS, 1967, City Lights (San Francisco, CA). Trade.

David, Jay, ed., FLYING SAUCER READER, THE, 1, 1967, New American Library, HB. See below.

Dillon, Miles and Chadwick, Nora, CELTIC REALMS, THE, 1967 Mentor, PB.

Edwards, Frank, FLYING SAUCERS--HERE AND NOW, 1 1967, Lyle Stuart, HB. See 1968 entry.

Edwards, Frank, STRANGER THAN SCIENCE, 2, 1967, Bantam, PB. entry

Eisenburg, Jule, WORLD OF TED SERIOS, THE, 1, 1967, William Morrow, HB, See 1968 entry.
Ellison, Harlan, ed., DANGEROUS VISIONS, 1, 1967, Doubleday, HB. An anthology of "new wave" science fiction (as it was called then). The stories were especially written for the volume, and were supposed to be "dangerous" stuff that might be rejected or censored by most editors. My favorite: Philip Jose Farmer's homage to James Joyce, "Riders of the Purple Wage" (the Hugo voters agreed with me for once!). For this volume, a lot of rules and taboos got tossed out the window, where they belonged all along. Doubleday must have done well on the Book Club edition because it is as common as the mass market paperback in used book stores. A second volume, entitled AGAIN, DANGEROUS VISIONS came out in 1972. It had a really ugly green cover, too.

EYEZ, Underground Comic, 1967, General Printing (Richmond, CA), Thompson, Artist: John, See KINGDOM OF HEAVEN...etc., 1969 entry. Thompson's first underground comic.

Farina, Richard, BEEN DOWN SO LONG IT LOOKS LIKE UP TO ME, 2, 1967, Dell, PB.
Finney, Jack, THE BODY SNATCHERS, 2, 1957, Dell, PB. 

FISTFUL OF DOLLARS, FOR A FEW DOLLARS MORE, and THE GOOD, THE BAD, AND THE UGLY, Motion Pictures, 1967, Director: Sergio Leone. All released by United Artists in the same year. It's hard to believe that all these were universally panned by US critics. Today's opinion (by the same critical jackals) is the exact opposite. Leone's style is best described as "operatic," mixed with Marxist parables, and black humor. His setting is the Mexican/American border, where Anglo-America and the Latin cultures clash (also allowing him to use his Spanish locations and Latin extras to best advantage). His characters had a real, unshaven look about them, which he found by studying photos of the old West. He completely changed the way the West was to be portrayed in the movies. Young peace-loving hippie audiences loved these violent films, in spite of the critics.

Fuller, Jean Overton, MAGICAL DILEMMA OF VICTOR NEUBURG, THE, 1967, W. H. Allen (London), HB. US ed.? Hanging around with Aliester Crowley could be bad for your health. This volume was typical of the interest growing for information and biographies of the late 19th century/ early twentieth century occultists.

Gauquelin, Michel, COSMIC CLOCKS, THE, 1967, Henry Regnery, HB. Gauquelin was a French psychologist and statistician who thought that astrology might have some basis in fact. He believed that astrology might be an ancient method of tracking biorhythms. He did a lot of studies with some interesting results, but most of the scientific community still believes astrology is a crock of superstition, anyway. This is one of the bedrock books in "fringe science".

Gibson, Edward P., STRANGE HAND OF FATE, 1967, Paperback Library, PB.Reprinted articles from FATE Magazine.

Heard, H. F. (Henry Fitz Gerald Heard), A TASTE FOR HONEY, 1967, Lancer, PB. Reprint of 1941 title. Another revived artist of the bad old days of occult mystical circles. Gerald Heard was a friend of Irish mystic poet AE, and took mind expanding drugs with Aldous Huxley. He also wrote one of the first spirited defences of LSD. Under the name H.F. Heard, he wrote mysteries and science fiction. This one concerns death by bees, and a bee keeper detective named Mr Mycroft, who is of course an elderly Sherlock Holmes. A minor classic.

Hill, Douglas and Williams, Pat, SUPERNATURAL, THE, 3, 1967, Signet, PB.

Hoffer, Eric, ORDEAL OF CHANGE, THE, 2, 1967, Harper and Row, PB.entry.
Robert E. Howard, CONAN THE CONQUEROR, 3, 1967, Lancer Books, PB. Cover art by Frank Frazetta.Chronologically the 9th book in the Conan Saga, and Howard's only full length novel. 
Howard, Robert E. and Carter, Lin. KING KULL, 1967, Lancer Books, PB. entry. 

Huber, Jack, THROUGH AN EASTERN WINDOW, 1, 1967, Random House, PB. See 1968 entry.
 I CHING, Wilhelm, Richard, Translation:, 2, 1967, Princeton University Press/Bollingen, HB. 3rd edition, New Format. This is the little yellow hardback that seemed to be everywhere in the late 60's and 70's. People carried it with them, and consulted it in coffee shops, bus stations, even in classrooms before tests. I knew a young co-ed who consulted it before she dressed to go out in the evening. C.G. Jung and the later Jungians did the most to bring this ancient Taoist divination system to the public eye. Computer freaks really loved it because it used the binary system, just like the computer. Books on divination began to be more plentiful at this point, but not as plentiful as they were during the great divination glut of the middle 70's. 

Knight, Richard Payne, DISCOURSE OF THE WORSHIP OF PRIAPUS, A, 1967, Collectors Publications (Covina, CA). Trade. Reprint of 1786 title.

Koestler, Arthur, GHOST IN THE MACHINE, THE, 1, 1967, Macmillan, HB. See 1971 entry.

Lane, Mark, RUSH TO JUDGMENT, 2, 1967, Fawcett, PB.
Levin, Ira, ROSEMARY'S BABY, 1, 1967,  Random House, HB 

Lewis, C. S., DISCARDED IMAGE, THE, 2, 1967, Cambridge University Press, Trade. Entry.
Lovecraft, H. P., COLOR OUT OF SPACE, THE, 3, 1967, Lancer, PB. 
MacKenzie, Norman, ed., SECRET SOCIETIES, 1, 1967, Holt, Rinehart & Winston, HB. See 1971 entry.

Marcus, Steven, OTHER VICTORIANS, THE, 2, 1967, Bantam, PB. Entry

Menger, Howard, FROM OUTER SPACE, 2 1967, Pyramid, PB. Reprint of FROM OUTER SPACE TO YOU, 1959 entry.
Michel, Aime, TRUTH ABOUT FLYING SAUCERS, THE, 2, 1967, Pyramid Books, PB. entry
Michell, John, FLYING SAUCER VISION, THE, 1967, Ace, PB. Michell's first book for a mass audience

Moorcock, Michael, JEWEL IN THE SKULL, 1, 1967, Lancer, PB. 1st Vol. in Moorcock's HISTORY OF THE RUNESTAFF quartet.
Moorcock, Michael, STORMBRINGER, 1, 1967, Lancer, PB. First of the Elric Series.

Mumford, Lewis, MYTH OF THE MACHINE, Vol. I, 1967, Harcourt Brace Jovanovich, HB. MYTH OF THE MACHINE is Mumford's revised history of technology and innovation. This volume's title is TECHNICS AND HUMAN DEVELOPMENT and deals with ancient and medieval developments. The Pyramid Age, for Mumford, was troubling. He wrote, "Historically,autocracy and technology are Siamese twins: and there are many present indications that their nature has not changed." Political power, religion, and technology once bound men together into a "megamachine" in the past. Could it happen again? Yes, was the answer (in Vol. II, 1970).
Mundy, Talbot, OM; THE SECRET OF AHBOR VALLEY, 1, 1967, Avon, PB. Reprint of 1924 title. This is one of Mundy's best tales. A British secret service agent penetrates Tibet disguised as a Hindu actor in order to locate his missing sister. Along the way he joins with a Lama and his disciple who are the quintessential image of Tibet's mysteries. Peter B. Ellis (see Research Bibliography) has identified Katherine Tingley as the model for the Lama, while other members of the  Point Loma  group were models for other characters in the novel. Mundy's Tibetan background probably came from Sven Hedin, a Swedish explorer who was one of the first Europeans to travel extensively in Tibet. Hedin was also associated with the Point Loma Theosophists, for a while. This novel was extremely popular in the late 60's. It provided a pleasant and entertaining entry into the world of Eastern philosophy and mysticism (see also TROS entries, and THE NINE UNKNOWN, 1968 entry). 
 Mundy, Talbot , TROS, 1967, Avon, PB. 1st partial reprint of TROS OF SAMOTHRACE (1934). Mundy's novel was a whopping 949 pages long when published in 1934. It was actually a series of short novels published in ADVENTURE Magazine throughout the 20's. Mundy was one of the first to question the current idea of the Roman Empire as a "civilizing influence." Mundy chose Julius Caesar as his villain, and presented the empire as a dehumanizing, militaristic state, kept alive by eating its neighbors. Mundy also countered the idea that the Britains and Gauls were savages. Mundy's "revived" history of the last half of the 1st Century B.C. was so controversial that Mundy wrote at least 10,000 words in defense of his position. By the 60's, historians such as Lewis Mumford, had revised their own vison of the Roman Empire, and Mundy's ideas seemed more on the mark. 
Mundy, Talbot ,  HELMA, 1967, Avon, PB, 3rd partial reprint of TROS OF SAMOTHRACE (1934) One of the major reasons for the Mundy revival was the publishing industry's version of the bootstrap effect. When one writer is revived, others like him tend to be rediscovered. The revival of Robert E. Howard led to the revival of Mundy, as well as H. Rider Haggard, H. P. Lovecraft and others. Most publishing insiders, and pulp historians were well aware that Howard's incomplete Conan saga was largely written in imitation of Mundy's epic Tros saga. Howard even started his career in pulps as a blatant Mundy imitator. When de Camp and Lin Carter set out to fill in the gaps in the Conan saga, they did it by recasting Howard's Mundy-esque tales in barbarian drag. Thus, Mundy is one of the spiritual fathers of the "heroic fantasy," as well as the modern mystical high adventure tales. 
Mundy, Talbot ,  LIAFAIL, 1967, Avon, PB, 2nd partial reprint of TROS OF SAMOTHRACE (1934). Tros is a Greek aristocratic sea captain sent by the Mysteries of Samothrace to Britain to help them resist Caesar's attempt to conquer the island. There seems little doubt to me that Mundy popularized the idea that Druids were sophisticated mystical philosophers out of the Pythagorean tradition. He also popularized the notion that ancient mystery religions were all interconnected in a loose brotherhood. He probably borrowed this idea from Theosophical scholar G. R. S. Mead, who had been advancing the idea aggressively around the turn of the century (even then it wasn't new, being part of Renaissance neoplatonic beliefs and Freemasonic mythology). The idea became very popular again, in the 60's and 70's. 

Mundy, Talbot ,  HELENE, 1967, Avon, PB. 4th partial reprint of TROS OF SAMOTHRACE (1934). Why the sudden revival of a pulp adventure writer of the H. Rider Haggard tradition, who flourished between the two world wars and lapsed into obscurity? One reason is found in Mundy's character. As the black sheep of a colonial family, Mundy misspent his youth abusing the empire as a poacher, con-man, and lover of married women. Such people were the counterculture's heroes. Mundy's characters are the crooks, pick-pockets, and political back shooters of the late British Empire. Even his heroes are ambiguous spies or agent provocateurs for the British. No one describes the back allies of the Empire better than Mundy. In an iconoclastic age, Mundy's anti- colonialism made him a natural.

Pauwels, Louis and Jacques Bergier, MORNING OF THE MAGICIANS, 4, 1967, Panther Books (British), Trade. British reprint with with the US title.

Pike, James A., IF THIS BE HERESY, 1967, Harper and Row, HB, PB?
PSYCHEDELIC REVIEW, Issue #9, 1967. This issue had articles by Ralph Metzner, Timothy Leary,   Stewart Brand., and other countercurlture heroes.  The review began publishing in 1963 but this is the only issue for which I could find a cover illustration. 
Pynchon, Thomas, CRYING OF LOT 49, THE, 2, 1967, Bantam, PB. This is the first paperback edition with the psychedelic paisley cover that seemed to be all over the place for about 10 years or so (and is now quite scarse). This was Pynchon's short book, so it was the one college students were assigned to read. Today, this means that it is Pynchon's best read book. Thus lazy students and their lazy instructors can become arbiters of cultural and intellectual longevity. It makes you wonder about how all those other "classics" got to be that way. 
QUATERMASS AND THE PIT, US title: FIVE MILLION YEARS TO EARTH, Motion Picture, 1967, Director: Roy Ward Baker. Writer: Nigel Kneale from his BBC Serial. Over 5 million years ago, an insectoid race from Mars came to earth, and genetically altered primitive man to carry on Martian traits. All is fine, until one of their ships is found while a new tunnel is being dug in London. Psychic accident releases the terrible power of the ship, turning the residents of London on each other. It's still one of the best science fiction movies ever made. It's the third of the famous Quatermass series made by Hammer Films. What's interesting about it is that it is a full articulation of the Gods-from- outer-space idea, well in advance of 2001 or Erich von Daniken. One central idea, that of extraterrestrial genetic engineering of humans, became a big area of speculation in the new UFO "theology".
Queen, Ellery [Frederic Dunnay and Manfred B. Lee],  A STUDY IN TERROR, 2, 1967, Lancer Books, PB.  The movie tie-in book now being touted as "Ellery Queen Vs Jack the Ripper" (see 1966 entry).  I suspect that this book is ghost written, probably by a science fiction writer.  Other Ellery Queen novels of this period were actually ghost written by SF writers such as Avram Davidson, Theodore Sturgeon and Jack Vance.  If you have a clue, email me.
Rand, Ayn, CAPITALISM: THE UNKNOWN IDEAL, 2, 1967, Signet, PB. entry.

Rogers, Carl, Stevens, Barry, et. al., PERSON TO PERSON, 1, 1967, Real People Press. HB.

Reage, Pauline, THE STORY OF O, 2, 1965, Grove Press, PB. Translated by Sabine d'Estree from 1954 French HISTOIRE d'O.

Rhine, Louisa E., ESP IN LIFE AND LAB, 1, 1967, Macmillan, HB. See 1973 entry.

Sanderson, Ivan T., UNINVITED VISITORS, 1967, Cowles, HB. PB? This UFO book was distinguished by having a 3-D picture on the cover. Keen, eh? Sanderson's works on fringe subjects are always well written and fun. Sanderson also includes information on the mysterious "Jessup Case," which is the origin of the "Philadelphia Experiment" legend (see Jessup, 1955 and Berlitz and Moore, 1980 entry).

Sauer, Carl O., LAND AND LIFE, 1967, University of California Press, Trade. Entry

Schonfield, Hugh, PASSOVER PLOT, THE, 2, 1967, Bantam, PB.

Schutz, William C., JOY, 1, 1967, Grove Press, HB, See 1969 entry.

SGT. PEPPER'S LONELY HEARTS CLUB BAND, Beatles, The, 1967, Capital Records, LP. Released 2 June 1967.

THE SHUTTERED ROOM, Motion Picture, 1967. Director: Daniel Green.  A little known and little seen adaptation of the H.P. Lovecraft and August Derlith tale (1971 entry). A woman returning to her childhood home in England is menaced by nasty locals and the family secret in the attic.  This little  film is considered a bit of a gem by the few people who have seen it.  Reviewers at the time of the release of Peckenpah's STRAW DOGS (1971) noticed a curious  resemblence to this earlier film.

Spraggett, Allen, UNEXPLAINED, THE, 1, 1967, New American Library, HB.See 1968 entry.

Stafford, P. C., and Golightly, B. H, LSD--THE PROBLEM-SOLVING PSYCHEDELIC, 1967, Award Books, PB.
Steiger, Brad, and Jean Whitenour, FLYING SAUCERS ARE HOSTLE, 1967, Award Books, PB.

Stern, Jess, EDGAR CAYCE--THE SLEEPING PROPHET, 1, 1967, Doubleday, HB. See 1968 entry.

Stringfellow, William and Towne, Anthony, BISHOP PIKE AFFAIR, THE, 1967, Harper and Row, HB. PB?.

SURREALISTIC PILLOW, Jefferson Airplane, 1967, RCA Records, LP, Released Feb. 1967.

Thom, Alexander, MEGALITHIC SITES IN BRITAIN, 1967, Oxford University Press, HB. Thom was an engineer who surveyed and measured all major megalithic sites in Britain. As early as 1954, he was publishing papers on these sites as astronomical observatories. His work provided the data base for Hawkins' STONEHENGE DECODED, and it remains the bedrock of all modern astroarchaeological method. While Thom's books were not great mass sellers, his research and findings showed up everywhere.
Thompson, Hunter S., HELL'S ANGELS, 1, 1967, Random House, HB. The is the great Gonzo's first book, and maybe his best. Thompson actually rode with the Angels to collect information on this book, and even liked them -- until they beat him up. Still the best peek into the biker subculture of the 60s.

Thompson, Hunter S., HELL'S ANGELS, 2, 1967, Ballantine, PB.

Velikovsky, Immanuel, WORLDS IN COLLISION, 3, 1967, Dell, PB.

Wiener, Norbert, HUMAN USE OF HUMAN BEINGS, THE, 3, 1967, Avon, PB.
Wilkins, Harold T., FLYING SAUCERS UNCENSORED, 2, 1967, Pyramid, PB. Wilkins was one of the few UFOlogists who thought that some of the extraterrestrial visitors were unfriendly. At times, there is an apocalyptic tone prevailing in his prose. Wilkins writes in an archaic style that Paris Flammonde (1977 entry) called "exotic," often mixing case histories with bizarre bits of speculations about antigravity and perpetual motion machines, along with death rays. Then there are the real gems like, "I have seen a dithyrambic account of the world in which they are said to exist. It is called the HEAVY WORLD, on account of its extreme density, by analogy with the visible stars called 'heavy' because of their great gravity. This 'heavy world' resembles one of the apocalyptic visions of John of Patmose." Now that is a "dense pack" of text to throw at your favorite follower of semiotics! 

Young, Mort, UFO: TOP SECRET, 1967, Simon and Schuster, Trade. PB. The book blurb on this volume claims that Young "...has written the first factual book on the subject," a statement sure to be contested on several levels. Young is most concerned with the political aspects of the UFO controversy, specifically the consistent evidence of cover-up by the US Government. Young's amassing of evidence of UFO sightings are mostly to show this policy in action. If there's anything really disturbing about the UFO controversy it is surely this political aspect. It is a nice short summary of the state of M.B.S. (Moronic Byzantine Secrecy) in the late 60's.

Zelazny, Roger. LORD OF LIGHT, 1, 1967, Doubleday, HB. In the far distant future a group of men rule as immortals, giving themselves the names and powers of Hindu gods. This is one the first and most successful novels that could be called "mythological science fiction". It was a big hit with the late 60's youth, who were so taken with Eastern mystical ideas. Zelazny is one of the novelists most strongly identified with this generation.

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