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F71(1971) revised and updated 8 December 1998


"Dr. A", THE SENSUOUS DIRTY OLD MAN, 1, 1971, Walker, HB.  1971 was a sensuous year -- at least in the book buisness, anyway. It was always refreshing to see this title displayed with the extremely serious "Sensuous" books in the bookstores.  Dr. A's identity was not revealed until the blurbs of the paperback edition (see 1972 entry).

Allegro, John, SACRED MUSHROOM AND THE CROSS, THE, 2, 1971, Bantam, PB.
Anderson, Poul, THE BROKEN SWORD, 1971, Ballantine, PB. Ballantine Adult Fantasy series.

Ashe, Geoffrey, ed., QUEST FOR AMERICA, THE, 1971, Praeger, HB.

Asimov, Isaac, GUIDE TO THE BIBLE, 2, 1971, Avon, Trade. Two Volumes.

Bean, Orson, ME AND THE ORGONE, 1, 1971, St. Martin's Press, HB. See 1972 entry.

Blatty, William Peter, EXORCIST, THE, 1, 1971, Harper and Row, HB. Blatty was a writer of lightweight Hollywood comedies when he  turned the 1949 exorcism of Douglas Deen of Washington state into a major bestseller.  Blatty changed the locale to his old college stomping ground of Georgetown, D.C.; the subject to a daughter of a famous actress; the local priest to a de Chardin-like archaeologist. He mixed it with some embarrassingly  medieval superstitions and practices.  As a result of this nonsense, interest in exorcism boomed.  Reactionary Roman priests revised the old rite, while fundamentalist evangelists  revived the old demonology of the Inquisition. Blatty has much to answer for, on this count.  Most modern "horror" novels owe much to THE EXORCIST, and it really is the key novel in the new sleazy occult genre (including Stephen King).

Bode, Vaughn, DEADBONE EROTICA, 1, 1971, Bantam, Trade.

Bonewitz, P. E. I., REAL MAGIC, 1, 1971, Berkley, PB.

Bonewitz, P. E. I., REAL MAGIC, 1971, Coward McCann and Geoghegan, HB.

BOOK OF THOTH, Underground Portfolio, 1971, Adler Photo-graphics (Berkeley, CA), Thompson, Artist: John, Dec. 1971. 28 drawings in envelope.
Borges, Jorge Louis, THE ALEPH, 2, 1971, Bantam, PB. 

Branden, Nathaniel, PSYCHOLOGY OF SELF-ESTEEM, 2, 1971, Bantam, PB.
Brown, Dee, BURY MY HEART AT WOUNDED KNEE, 1, 1971, Holt, Rinehart and Winston, HB. One of the most important books in the revision of American attitudes about Native Americans, and their treatment during the westward expansion across the continent. 

Browning, Norma Lee, PSYCHIC WORLD OF PETER HURKOS, THE, 2, 1971, PB. entry.

Buckland, Raymond, WITCHCRAFT FROM THE INSIDE, 1971, Llewellyn (St. Paul, MN), Trade. Need Copy and Info.  Buckland is credited with being one of the original "apostles" of  Gardner-style witchcraft in the US.
Cabel, James Branch, THE CREAM OF THE JEST, 1971, Ballantine, PB.  Ballantine Adult Fantasy Series.

Camp, L. Sprague de, AN ELEPHANT FOR ARISTOTLE,  2, 1971, Books, PB.

Campbell, Joseph, ed., PORTABLE JUNG, THE, 1, 1971, Viking, PB. One of the many popular anthologies of Jung's works that appeared  in the 70's.  Campbell was one of the most effective of those who came later, carrying the Jungian banner.
Carter, Lin, ed., NEW WORLDS FOR OLD, 1971, Ballantine, PB. Ballantine Adult Fantasy series.  An Anthology of short stories essentially designed as a showcase for authors published in the series. Includesstories by H.P. Lovecraft, Edgar Allen Poe, Oscar Wilde and Clark Ashton Smith and others. 
Castaneda, Carlos, A SEPARATE REALITY, 1, 1971, Simon and Schuster, HB. See 1972 entry.

Cattier, Michael, LIFE AND WORK OF WILHELM REICH, THE, 1971, Avon, Trade. Translation of 1969 French title.

Cayce, Edgar, Woodward, ed., Mary Anne, EDGAR CAYCE'S STORY OF KARMA, 1 1971, Coward, McCann and Geoghegan. HB. See 1972 entry.
Chartham, Peter, THE SENSUOUS COUPLE, 1971, Ballantine, PB.  Ok, after the "Sensuous Woman," and the "Sensuous Man" get together, then what? I suspect this title may have been in the publisher's hopper before the "sensuous trend" got started, and ended up quickly retitled to cash in on the trend. 
Chesterton, GK, THE MAN WHO WAS THURSDAY,  1971, Ballantine, PB.  Reputed to be the most rare and difficult to find of all the Ballantine Adult Fantasy series.

Cooper, David, PSYCHIATRY AND ANTI-PSYCHIATRY, 2, 1971, Ballantine. PB. entry
Crawford, F Marion, KHALED, 1971, Ballantine Books, PB.  Ballantine Adult Fantasy series.
Crowley, Aleister, CONFESSIONS OF ALEISTER CROWLEY, 2, 1971, Bantam, PB. Edited by Kenneth Grant and John Symonds. You would think that  massive  1058 page paperback would  defy  the most dedicated reader, but the Crowley revival probably really went into high gear with the publication of this tome.
Crowley, Aleister, MOONCHILD,1, 1971, Avon, PB.  A reprint of Crowley's 1929 occult novel.  The book is a highly fictionalized account of his magical-sexual affair with Mary d'Este Sturges, a  close friend of Isadora Duncan, and of his battle with his former Golden Dawn  associates.  The three evil magicians in the novel are thinly disguised lampoons of occultist MacGregor Mathers, occult writer A.E. Waite, and poet W.B. Yeats.  If you know the joke, it makes the novel enjoyable; if you don't, it's a silly  bore. 

Daniken, Erich von, GODS FROM OUTER SPACE, 2, 1971, Putnam, HB. British Title: RETURN TO THE STARS.

Daniken, Erich von, CHARIOTS OF THE GODS?, 4, 1971, Bantam, PB. As the paperback edition hit the stands, an Alan Landsburg TV  special IN SEARCH OF ANCIENT ASTRONAUTS (1972 entry) was in the works to bring  von Daniken's face and ideas into America's living rooms.  Let us not fault Bantam Books' ability to publicize a title.  The Bantam Lecture Bureau was one  of the saviors of college activities programmers, and throughout the 70's von   Daniken was their star speaker.  If you want to get an idea how well this stuff sold, take a look at the Bantam printing history page of this book the next time you're in a bookstore.

DARK SHADOWS, T. V. Soap Opera, 2, 1971, ABC TV, Curtis, Producer: Dan, Final episode 2 April 1971.

David-Neel, Alexandra, MAGIC AND MYSTERY IN TIBET, 2, 1971, Penguin, PB. Reprint of 1965 University Books ed.
de Givry, Grillot, WITCHCRAFT, MAGIC & ALCHEMY, 2, 1971, Dover, Trade.  Reprint of 1931 title.  See 1959 entry. 
Derleth, August, ed., TALES OF THE CTHULHU MYTHOS, Vol 1& 2, 1971, Beagle(Ballantine), PB.  2 vol. rpt. of Arkham House anthology published in 1969. These are stories written mostly by other writers, but in the manner  of H. P. Lovecraft. 1971 was the year that the Lovecraft revival really got up a head of steam (see Lovecraft, below) 

Douglas, Alfred, ORACLE OF CHANGE, THE, 1971, Berkley, Trade, Need Copy and Info. Also published as HOW TO CONSULT THE I CHING.

DUEL, T.V. Movie, 1971, Stephen Spielberg, Director:, Richard Matheson, Writer:, A frustrated, neurotic salesman finds himself in a nightmarish road duel with a tanker truck.  It was a terrific metaphor for how many people feel themselves powerless before the impersonal modern society.  It became a cult classic and was released as a feature  film in overseas markets.  The real credit goes to science fiction  writer Richard Matheson, who always makes  it look easy. This was
the film that allowed Spielberg to break out of directing COLUMBO and  IRONSIDES episodes, and do some real damage.
Dunsany, Lord, DON REDRIGUEZ, 1971, Ballantine, PB. Ballantine Adult Fantasy series,

Ebon, Martin, ed., PSYCHIC DISCOVERIES BY THE RUSSIANS, 1971, Signet, PB. Martin Ebon specialized in these "knock-off" titles at New   American Library.  This one sounds like PSYCHIC DISCOVERIES BEHIND THE  IRON CURTAIN (see Ostrander, 1970 entry) that rival Bantam Books published in paperback. Ebon usually rushed together a batch of articles and reviews from such prestigious   publications as FATE, and churned out an introduction for it.  You get the drift.
Ebon, Martin, WITCHCRAFT TODAY, 1971, Signet Books, PB.  Yet another occult quicky from the ever-present Martin Ebon, which asks the stupid question,   "Do they have the power to help, or to Kill?"   We all have the "power to kill."  Mine is called .45 caliber.  What's yours?

Eliade, Mircea, FORGE AND THE CRUCIBLE, 1971, Harper and Row, Trade. Translation of 1956 French title.

Farina, Richard, BEEN DOWN SO LONG IT LOOKS LIKE UP TO ME, 3, 1967, Dell, PB. Movie tie-in edition, with Elliot Gould on the cover.
Farmer, Philip Jose, TO YOUR SCATTERED BODIES GO, 1, 1971, Putnam, HB.Every person who ever lived on Earth is resurrected on a distant planet whose landscape is just one long river.  Sir Richard Burton and others begin to explore the mysteries of why they are there.  This is the first novel  in Farmer's famous "Riverworld" series.  He later admitted that he had been working on biographies of both Burton and Mark Twain (hero of novel #2), when he discovered that others had beat him into print.  Rather than waste all that work, he incorporated it into a concept he'd used in a short story in 1952.  It was a fortuitous idea, because the "Riverworld" novels are some of the best fiction written in the 70's and 80's. 
Farmer, Philip Jose, TO YOUR SCATTERED BODIES GO, 2, 1971, Berkely, PB 

Farrar, Stewart, WHAT WITCHES DO, 1971, Coward, McCann and Geoghegan, HB. Need Copy and Info.  PB?  The author is another of the English Gardner-style witches.

Ford, Arthur, as told to Ellison, Jerome, LIFE BEYOND DEATH, THE, 1971, Putnam, HB.

Foster, Robert, GUIDE TO MIDDLE EARTH, A, 1, 1971, Mirage Press, HB. See 1974 entry.

Gardner, John, GRENDEL, 1, 1971, Alfred A. Knopf, HB,  See 1972 entry.

Goble, Frank, THIRD FORCE: THE PSYCHOLOGY OF ABRAHAM MASLOW, THE, 1971, Pocket Books, PB. entry

Gray, Eden, MASTERING THE TAROT, 1, 1971, Crown, HB. Another of Grey's "cookbooks" on the Tarot deck (see 1970 entry).  This one had a good life in paperback.

Harris, Marvin, CULTURE, MAN, AND NATURE, 1971, Thomas Y. Crowell, HB. A General Anthropology text.

Heisenberg, Werner, PHYSICS AND BEYOND, 1971, Harper and Row, HB and Trade.

Davis, Elizabeth Gould, FIRST SEX, THE, 1971, Putnam, HB. PB?  Toccille, Jerome, IT USUALLY BEGINS WITH AYN RAND, 1971, Stein and Day, HB.  This thin volume is a light, humorous look at the libertarian and  objectivist wings of the "new right" in the 50's and 60's.  The work contains a devastating portrait of Ayn Rand and her entourage at the height of their popularity.

Henderson, Joseph  and Oaks, Maud, WISDOM OF THE SERPENT, THE, 1971, Collier/Macmillan. PB. Original ed? HB?
Herrigel, Eugene, ZEN IN THE ART OF ARCHERY, 2, 1971, Vintage, PB. Herrigel studied under a Zen master for six years, and this was the primary result.  The Zen archer loses his self and becomes the process of archery.  Quintessential Zen stuff that gained much popularity for this 1953 title.  The terse aphoristic nature of Zen lends itself to simplistic exposition, as with Yoda in THE EMPIRE STRIKES BACK ("Don't think! Do!").  It also lends itself to easy parody, as in Chevy Chase's Zen golfer in CADDY SHACK ("Be the ball").  Mrs. Herrigel wrote the popular companion book ZEN AND THE ART OF FLOWER ARRANGEMENT (1958). 

Hesse, Hermann, SIDDHARTHA, 3, 1971, Bantam, Pb. Reprint of the New Directions ed. (1951 and 1957). entry

Heyerdahl, Thor, RA EXPEDITIONS, THE, 1, 1971, Doubleday, HB. See 1972 entry.
Hodgson, William Hope, THE BOATS OF THE GLEN CARRIG, 1971, Ballintine, PB.  Ballantine Adult Fantasy series. 
Huebner, Louise, POWER THROUGH WITCHCRAFT, 1971, Bantam, PB. 

Hunter, Robert, STORMING OF THE MIND, THE, 1971, Doubleday, HB. See Research Bibliography.
Huson, Paul, THE DEVIL'S PICTUREBOOK, 1, 1971, Putnam, HB. About the tarot deck. 

Huson, Paul, THE DEVIL'S PICTUREBOOK, 2, 1971, Berkley, PB.

"J", THE SENSUOUS WOMAN, 2, 1970, Dell Books, PB. A "how to do it"  book for women, with the emphasis on pleasure.  Men read it, of course,  and learned to the deflation of their egos, that vibrators worked better  than they did.  This title sparked a whole series of "Sensuous" book  titles, which shortly reached the aburd level. 

Jackson, Kenneth Hurlstone, CELTIC MISCELLANY, A, 1971, Penguin, PB. Reprint of 1951 British ed.

Jaffe, Aniela, MYTH OF MEANING, THE, 1, 1971, Putnam, HB. Translation of 1966 Swiss title.  See 1975 entry.

Jaffe, Aniela, FROM THE LIFE AND WORK OF C. G. JUNG, 1971, Harper and Row, Trade. Translation of 1968 Swiss title. A well read work on selected areas of Jung's work over the years.  She summarizes Jung's writings on occultism and spiritualism, his famous theory of synchronicity, and his scholarship on alchemy and its  symbolism.  There is also a curiously unsatisfactory attempt to explain Jung's  flirtation with Nazism.   Finally, Jaffe deals with Jung's last years. The title seemed to be a standard stock item in college book stores.  I remember it as my first introduction to things Jungian.

Jones, Marc Edmund, ASTROLOGY, 1971, Penguin, PB. Need Copy and info.

Keel, John A., OUR HAUNTED PLANET, 1971, Fawcett, PB.

Koestler, Arthur, THE CASE OF THE MIDWIFE TOAD, 1, 1971, Random House, HB (see 1973 entry).

Koestler, Arthur, GHOST IN THE MACHINE, THE, 2, 1971, Henry Regnery, Trade.

Kolosimo, Peter, NOT OF THIS WORLD, 1, 1971, University Books, HB. Trans. of earlier (n.d.) Italian title. See also 1973 entry.  This is  a sequel to Kolosimo's TIMELESS EARTH, which was published in Europe in 1968, but not published in the US until 1974.  So why did University Books (followed by Bantam) choose to publish NOT OF THIS WORLD first?  My guess is that it is more of a gods from space book than is TIMELESS EARTH.   The earlier title is more in line with the
French "fantastic realism" school  of non-fiction (or to follow Firesign Theatre: "everything you know is wrong"   school of thought). It looks as though there was a mad scramble to buy the rights to every European title that even remotely resembled CHARIOT OF THE GODS.

Laing R. D., KNOTS, 1, 1971, Pantheon Books, HB. See 1972 entry.

Laurence, Theodor, SEXUAL KEY TO THE TAROT, THE, 1, 1971, Citadel, HB. See 1973 entry.

Led Zeppelin, LED ZEPPELIN IV, 1971, Atlantic Records, Also known as ZOZO, This was one of the record industry's perennial best sellers.  "Stairway to Heaven" got more airplay on the old AOR format than any other.  It also turns out to be singer Robert Plant's meditation on Graves' WHITE GODDESS.   Inside, was a full color painting of the 9th Tarot trump.  All the musicians  were identified by mysterious glyphs, but only one of them is truly   occult in   nature.  Guitarist Jimmy Page used an old magical alphabet for himself which resembled the word "ZOZO".  In the absence of a title, it was mistaken for one.  Page was an afficionado of Aleister Crowley and a collector of Crowley memorabilia.  All this led to rumors about unspeakable rites and satanic messages on backmasking.  The LP remains a kind of touchstone of 70's "pop" occultism.

Lewis, L. M., ECSTATIC RELIGION, 1971, Penguin, PB.
LOOK MAGAZINE, 24 August, 1971.  Anton LeVey makes the cover of LOOK, to accompany an article entitled "Witchcraft is Rising."  Of course, LeVey's Church of Satan had little or nothing to do with witchcraft, but accuracy and details  never stoped journalism before.  LeVey was an unstopable engine of self-promotion, but did not make TIME's "Man of the Year." (TIME, 1972 entry)
Lovecraft, H. P., AT THE MOUNTAINS OF MADNESS AND OTHER TALES, 1, 1971,  Beagle Books (Ballantine), PB.  This is one of the most unusual and startling covers ever put on a paperback.
Lovecraft, H. P., CASE OF CHARLES DEXTER WARD, THE, 2, 1971, Beagle Books (Ballantine), PB 
Lovecraft, H. P., DOOM THAT CAME TO SARNATH, THE, 1971, Ballantine, PB.  Ballantine Adult Fantasy series.
Lovecraft, H. P., FUNGI FROM YUGGOTH, 1, 1971, Ballantine, PB. 
Lovecraft, H. P., LURKING FEAR AND OTHER STORIES, 2, 1971, Beagle  Books (Ballantine), PB. 

Lovecraft, H. P., with Derleth, August, LURKER AT THE THRESHOLD , THE, 2, 1971, Beagle (Ballantine), PB. Reprint of 1970 British paperback ed.  The "collaboration" of Derleth and Lovecraft is mostly a posthumous one.  According to S. T. Joshi (see Research Bibliography), these stories, usually listed as "H. P. Lovecraft and (or with) August Derleth", are almost entirely written by Derleth alone.  Derleth's method was to build a larger story around a little known fragment left in Lovecraft's papers and notes.  Joshi notes that of this 50, 000 word novel, only about 1, 200 words (about three or four pages in print!) came from a Lovecraft fragment.  Truth in packaging should demand that these "collaborations" should be credited to "August Derleth with  H. P. Lovecraft, " and even that is an overstatement of Lovecraft's contribution (see also, 1988 entry).
Lovecraft, H. P (and Others)., NINE STORIES FROM "THE HORROR IN THE MUSEUM, " 1971, Beagle (Ballantine). 
Lovecraft, H. P., with Derleth, August, SHUTTERED ROOM AND OTHER TALES OF TERROR, THE, 1971, Beagle (Ballantine), PB.  See LURKER AT THETHRESHOLD entry, above. The story "The Shuttered Room" was adapted for a film in 1967 (entry), though it is unlikely that its release had much effect on the Lovecraft revival.
Lovecraft, H.P., and August Derleth. THE SURVIVOR AND OTHERS 1, 1971, Ballantine, PB. First published by Arkham House in 1957. 
Lovecraft, H. P., and Others, THE SPAWN OF CTHULHU, 1971, Ballantine, PB. Ballantine Adult Fantasy series.

"M", THE SENSUOUS MAN, 1, 1971, Lyle Stuart, HB. This one might have been entitled: "How to Locate the 'Sensuous Woman'  and What to do With Her When You Get Her."  The guys had to wait another year for the paperback  instructions (see 1972 entry).

MacBeth, Norman, DARWIN RETRIED, 1, 1971, Gambit, HB. See 1973 entry.

MacKenzie, Norman, SECRET SOCIETIES, 1, 1971, Collier/ Macmillan, PB.

MacLaine, Shirley, "DON'T FALL OFF THE MOUNTAIN", 2, 1971,  Bantam, PB. entry.
Mailer, Morman, PRISONER OF SEX, 1, 1971, Little Brown, HB. 

Marriott, Alice and Rachlin, Carol K., PEYOTE, 1, 1971, Thomas Y.Crowell, HB.
Monroe, Robert A., JOURNEYS OUT OF THE BODY, 1, 1971, Doubleday, HB and Trade.  See 1977 entry.  This continues to be one of the more respected accounts of out-of-body experience.  One of the reasons for this is because Monroe was a stable, sensible businessman, with no interest in the paranormal, before he began to experience OBE in 1958.  His astral journeys are riveting reading, making his work one of the more enjoyable books on the paranormal ever written.  One of the things I find convincing about the title is that many of his experiences are unpleasant, some down-right terrifying.  This stands in contrast to some of the "sweetness and light" style "cookbooks" which encourage the reader to experiment with OBE. Monroe may convince the reader, as he convinced  me, that it may be advisable to stay home. 

Naranjo, Claudio and Ornstein, Robert, ON THE PSYCHOLOGY OF MEDITATION, 1, 1971, Viking, HB.  This is two books in one.  The first is "Meditation: Its Spirit and Techniques" by Naranjo, a work on the spiritual aspects of meditation.  The second is "The  Techniques of Meditation and Their Implications for Modern Psychology".  Although the spiritual essay is longer, it is obvious that the book is aimed primarily at the psychology community, exploring the virtues of meditation as a psychological tool.

Ostrander, Sheila and Schroeder, Lynn, PSYCHIC DISCOVERIES BEHIND THE IRON CURTAIN, 1, 1971, Bantam. PB.

Otto, Herbert A., and Mann, ed., John, WAYS OF GROWTH, 2, 1971, Pocket Books, PB. entry
Ouspensky, P. D., NEW MODEL OF THE UNIVERSE, A, 1971, Random House, Reprint of 1931 American ed. This may be the best introduction the the world of G. I. Gurdjieff and P. D. Ouspnesky brand of Russian mysticism.  Containes THE SYMBOLISM OF THE TAROT which was also published in numerous separate volumes.

Parker, Derek and Julia, ed., COMPLETE ASTROLOGER, THE, 1, 1971, McGraw Hill, HB. entry

Pauwels, Louis and Bergier, Jacques, IMPOSSIBLE POSSIBILITIES, 2, 1971, Stein and Day, HB. See 1973 entry.

Pearce, Joseph Chilton, CRACK IN THE COSMIC EGG, THE, 1, 1971, Julian Press, HB. See 1973 entry.
Percy, Walker, LOVE IN THE RUINS, 1, 1971, Farrar, Straus and Giroux, HB. See 1972 entry. 

Pike, Diane Kennedy, SEARCH, 2, 1971, Pocket Books, 1971, PB.

Platnick, Kenneth B., GREAT MYSTERIES OF HISTORY, 1, 1971, Stackpole Books, HB. See 1973 entry.

Raknes, Ola, WILHELM REICH AND ORGONOMY, 2, 1971, Penguin, PB. Need Copy and info.

Raknes, Ola, WILHELM REICH AND ORGONOMY, 1, 1971, St. Martin's Press, HB.  Need copy and info.  Translation of 1970 Norwegian title.
Ram Dass (Richard Alpert), BE HERE NOW, 1, 1971, Lama Foundation/ Harper and Row, Trade.  A unique book published in a square format, on biodegradable paper, with most of the text in capital letters.   Some have called it the "hippie bible" because it was everywhere, as ubiquitous as bell-bottom jeans.  Ram Dass is former Harvard drug researcher Richard Alpert (see Leary, Metzner, and Alpert,  1964 entry), who gave it all up to go on a spiritual quest to India.  He doesn't write these books (few gurus of the Indian tradition do), but they are  the published  transcripts of his oral teachings.  His editors did a good job for him.  It has been said that more people have entered meditation and Eastern religions through BE HERE NOW, than because of any other single book.  I suspect this may be true, although Ram Dass and his books never impressed me much (sorry!). 


Rand, Ayn, ROMANTIC MANIFESTO, THE, 2, 1971, Signet, PB. entry

Raudive, Konstantin, BREAKTHROUGH, 1971, Taplinger, HB. Lancer PB ?

Reich, Wilhelm, FUNCTION OF THE ORGASM, THE, 1971, Simon and Schuster,  Trade. Need copy. Reprint of Farrar, Straus and Giroux ed.
Regardie, Israel, ed, THE GOLDEN DAWN. 4th edition, revised and enlarged, in one volume.  This one volume edition of Regardie's collection of Golden Dawn documents was one the most highly sought after volumes among the occult crowd.  It may have been the book most consistantly stolen from libraries in the 1970s (See 1986 entry).
Roberts, Susan, WITCHES USA, 1971, Dell Books, PB. 

Robbins, Tom, ANOTHER ROADSIDE ATTRACTION, 1, 1971, Doubleday, HB. See 1972 entry.

Rogers, Carl, Stevens, et. al., Barry, PERSON TO PERSON, 2, 1971, Pocket Books, PB. entry

ROWLF, Underground Comic, 1971, Rip Off Press, Richard Corban, Writer/ Illustrator:, Released on July 31.

Sanders, Ed, FAMILY, THE, 1, 1971, Dutton, HB. See 1972 entry,
Sanders, Ed, SHARDS OF GOD: A NOVEL OF THE YIPPIES, 2, 1971, Grove Press, PB,

Schonfield, Hugh, POLITICS OF GOD, THE, 1, 1971, Henry Regnery, HB. See 1972 entry.

Schulman, Arnold, BABA, 1, 1971, Viking, HB, See 1973 entry.
Shah, Idries, SUFIS, THE, 2, 1971, Doubleday, PB.  Idries Shah ("Studious King") is of Afghani descent, but made his  home in Britain for many years. Shah was probably one of the most successful popularizers of Islamic mysticism in the 60' and 70's.  There are so many Sufi  forms that it's tough to keep them straight.  Shah is of central Asian tradition and has a strong sense of humor.  He has written a series of titles that can   only be called "mystical joke books".  THE SUFIS is Shah's major work explaining his beliefs to the Western world, while pointing out the contributions Sufism  has made to Western, even Christian, culture.  He's surely the best of all the  writers on Sufism to date.  Shah was an associate of Robert Graves, who wrote   the introduction.  In the late 70's, he seems to have had a impact on the writing of Doris Lessing. 

Shepard, Martin, and Lee, Marjorie, MARATHON 16, 2, 1971, Pocket Books, PB. entry.
Smith, Clark Ashton, HYPERBOREA, 1971, Ballantine, PB. Lin Carter, ed. Ballantine Adult Fantasy Series. 

Stern, Jess, ADVENTURES INTO THE PSYCHIC, 2, 1971, Signet, PB. entry

Stewart, Mary, CRYSTAL CAVE, THE, 1, 1971, Fawcett, HB.

Swearer, Donald K., SECRETS OF THE LOTUS, 1971, Macmillan, PB. Krishnamurti, J., THINK ON THESE THINGS, 1970, Harper and Row, PB. Reprint of 1964 British title THIS MATTER OF CULTURE.

Symonds, John, GREAT BEAST, THE, 1971, Macmillan / British ed., HB. Need Copy and info. US ed?

Thom, Alexander, MEGALITHIC LUNAR OBSERVATORIES, 1971, Oxford University Press, HB. This is mostly technical data about the megalithic astronomical alignments from the grand old man of astroarchaeology.

Thompson, Hunter S., FEAR AND LOATHING IN LAS VEGAS, 1, 1971, Random House, HB. Orig. pub. in ROLLING STONE under pseudonym "Raoul Duke."

Thompson, Walter Irwin, AT THE EDGE OF HISTORY, 1, 1971, Harper and Row, HB? See 1972 entry.

Tomas, Andrew, WE ARE NOT THE FIRST, 1, 1971, Putnam, HB.

TOMB OF DRACULA, Marvel Comics, 1971, Marv Wolfman, Writer:, Gene Colan, Artist:, Issue #1.  Dated April 72; probably issued December 71. This is probably the most successful horror comic in recent times,  The series had a huge cast  of characters. Dr. Van Helsing and a team of vampire hunters stalk Dracula around the world.  The comic subscribed to the  "revisionist" Dracula that was coming into fashion.  Dracula was seen as a  tragic figure rather than pure monster (see
McNally and Florescu, 1972 entry).  The hunters are fanatical, losing their own humanity in their bloody quest.  This was similar to other "revisionist" vampires form Anne Rice (1976 entry), to Fred Saberhagen (1978 entry) and others.

Tompkins, Peter, SECRETS OF THE GREAT PYRAMIDS, 1, 1971, Harper and Row, HB. This could be the best general book ever written about the pyramids of Egypt.  It's the book to read fist. Tompkins reviews the history of archaeological studies of the structures, putting much of it in perspective.  He also reviews most of the fringe, occult, and just plain nutty ideas which have attached themselves to the pyramids.  There's also an appendix by Prof. Livio C. Stecchini on the nature of ancient technology that's worth the price of the whole book.
Vonnegut, Kurt, Jr., SLAUGHTERHOUSE FIVE, 3, Dell PB. The last original idea Vonnegut ever had.  After this, he would continue to recycle his rants from earlier books and make novels out of them. 

Waite, Arthur Edward, PICTORIAL KEY TO THE TAROT, THE, 3, 1971 Steiner Books (Blauvent, NY), PB.

Watts, Alan, DOES IT MATTER?, 2, 1971, Vintage, PB.

Watts, Alan, THIS IS IT, 2, 1971, Vintage, PB.

Wehr, Gerhard, PORTRAIT OF JUNG, 1971, Herder and Herder (NYC), Trade. Trans of 1969 title, see also 1987 entry.

Weiner, Herbert, 9 MYSTICS, 2 1971, Collier/Macmillan, HB.
Wilson, Colin, OCCULT, THE, 1, 1971, Random House, HB. The book serves  two purposes.  In the first place, it is one of the best surveys of the subject ever written.  Secondly, THE OCCULT is where Wilson developed his complex ideas concerning Faculty X, his term for the untapped potential in man.  Wilson believes that magic is actually man's striving to  achieve that untapped potential.  THE OCCULT is essential to understanding Wilson's writings since 1971 (in fact, it helps in understanding his earlier    writings, too).  The book is dedicated to Robert Graves.  Wilson's unified attempt to trace a theme throughout the history of the occult makes the book an enjoyable reading experience. THE OCCULT became the historical survey read in the 70's.

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