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F76 (1976) revised and updated 25 June 1999.

Allnut, Frank, AFTER THE OMEN, 1976, Bible Voice (Van Nuys, CA), PB. This is the religious publishing world's version of the cash-in or"knock off" book. Allnut uses the movie to present salient points ofthe "Armageddon theology."  He seems to believe that THE OMEN is aprophetic work,  rather than just another sick horror movie.  The mostsurprising bit of information is that THE OMEN was developed by Christian businessman Bob Munger  to "...warn the world about the coming of the Antichrist."  If this is true, it adds an even more bizarre twist to this already twisted horror film (See OMEN,  1976 entry).  Allnut has written similar books about the STAR WARS movies, CLOSE ENCOUNTERS OF THE THIRD KIND, and the biblical "meanings" of  current events.

Andrews, George C., COCA LEAF AND COCAINE PAPERS, THE, 1976, Harcourt Brace Jovanovich, HB? Need Copy and Info.

Bakhtiar, Laleh, SUFI, 1976, Avon / Thames and Hudson, British ed.,  Trade. Art and Cosmos series.
Balsinger, Dave and Singer, Charles E., IN SEARCH OF NOAH'S ARK, 1976, Sunn Classic Books, PB.  Another Sunn tie-in book.  This may be the most popular book on this whole subject.  Searching for Noah's Ark holds the same fascination for creationists that searching for Atlantis has for others. 
Baxter, John and Atkins, Thomas, FIRE CAME BY, THE, 1976, Doubleday, HB. Introduction by Isaac Asimov.  The authors explore the great Tigus explosion of 30 June 1909, when a blast equal to a 30 ton megaton explosion rocked Siberia.  They cover most of the many expeditions to study the site, and most of the theories advanced to explain it. They finally settle on the belief that it was an extraterrestrial vehicle that crashed into the earth's atmosphere with catastrophic results.

Bennett, J. G., GURDJIEFF: MAKING A NEW WORLD, 2, 1976, Harper and Row, Trade.

Berlitz, Charles, MYSTERY OF ATLANTIS, THE, 2, 1976, Avon, PB.

  Blyth, Robert,  R. H. Sohl and Audrey Carr, ed., GAMES ZEN MASTERS PLAY, 1976, Mentor, PB.

Brown, Peter Lancaster, MEGALITHS, MYTHS, AND MEN, 1, 1976, Taplinger, HB.  See 1978 entry.

Brownmiller, Susan, AGAINST OUR WILL, 2, 1976, Bantam, PB. entry

Bryne, Peter, SEARCH FOR BIGFOOT, 2, 1976, Pocket Books, PB. Byrne is a former big game hunter, who joined the ranks of the  bigfoot trackers.  His book is one of the best on the subject in terms of data, photos, and level headed approach.  Over half of the book is a scrapbook of articles and studies on the bigfoot.  This seems to be one of the few books worth reading on the subject (see Napier, 1974 entry).

Burl, Aubrey, STONE CIRCLES OF THE BRITISH ISLES, 1976, Yale  University Press, HB and Trade.  This is an archaeological survey of every major stone circle in the British Isles.  It is a dilettante's dream.  Once upon a time, books like this were only bought by scholars and libraries.  The fact that Yale put it out in the Trade format shows how popular this whole subject had become.
Camp, L. Sprague de, LOVECRAFT: A BIOGRAPHY, 2, 1976, Ballantine, PB. Abridged by Author.   Ballantine required de Camp to abridge the book (by 13,000 to 16,000 words), removing the bibliography, index, notes, and other documentation from its edition.  This is very curious. Ballantine had published longer books in paperback.  In 1975, abridgment was rarely practiced in paperback.  Did Ballantine's investment in reprinting Lovecraft's titles have anything to do with the bowdlerization?  As it stands, the Ballantine edition is almost totally worthless for research or any kind of scholarship.  De Camp is known to be most unhappy about this edition. 
CARRIE, Motion Picture, 1976, dePalma, Director: Brian, Based on Stephen King's novel.

Castaneda, Carlos, TALES OF POWER, 2, 1976, Pocket Books, PB. See Introduction.

Condon, Richard, WHISPER OF THE AXE, THE, 1, 1976, Dial Press, HB. See 1978 entry.

Constable, Trevor James, COSMIC PULSE OF LIFE, 1, 1976, Steiner Books (Blauvelt, NY), HB? See SKY PEOPLE, 1978 entry. Constable is better known to the UFO underground, than in mainstream publishing.  He has been writing in small presses and the "new age"  journals since the 50's, usually under the pseudonym "Trevor James."  Here's his main
thesis:  many UFOs are living organisms.  They are amoeba-like life forms that exist in a plasma state of matter.  As such, they are invisible most of the time but they are occasionally visible in photographs.  Constable has perfected a method by which they can be photographed.  His space "critters" (his term) look like film developing flaws or coffee stains.  I am NOT making this up.

Crichton, Michael, EATERS OF THE DEAD, 1, 1976, Alfred A. Knopf, HB. 
Crowley, Aleister, MAGICK IN THEORY AND PRACTICE, 2, 1976, Dover, Trade. 

Daniken, Erich von, MIRACLES OF THE GODS, 4, 1976, Dell, PB.

Dempewolff, Richard F., LOST CITIES AND FORGOTTEN TRIBES, 2, 1976, Pocket Books, PB.  Reprints from SCIENCE DIGEST.


Douglas, Alfred, EXTRA-SENSORY POWERS, 1976, Overlook Press (Woodstock, NY), HB? Need Copy and Info.

Ebon, Martin, ed, MYSTERIOUS PYRAMID POWER, 1976, Signet, PB. entry

Eliade, Mircea, OCCULTISM, WITCHCRAFT, AND CULTURAL FASHION, 1976, University of Chicago Press, HB and Trade. See also Research Bibliography.

Elliot, Roger, ASTROLOGY FOR EVERYONE, 1976, Crown, HB.

Ernsting, Walter, DAY THE GODS DIED, THE, 1976, Bantam, PB. Translation of a 1971 German title.  Here's a bizarre one.  It's a novel with Erich von Daniken as the  protagonist.  Maybe the translation's bad?  Most likely it wasn't a good book in German either.  About the only reason to read this is to glean some insight into the almost cult-like status that von Daniken's ideas achieved.  I must admit that my own curiosity did not sustain me past page 67.
Farmer, Philip Jose, ADVENTURE OF THE PEERLESS PEER, THE, 2, 1976, Dell, PB.  Sherlock Holmes joins Tarzan, and along the way, the Shadow and G-8 and his Battle Aces, while they defeat the Germans in World War I Africa.  It  purports to be an unedited manuscript by Watson -- which explains the dirty jokes that keep cropping up in the text.  I think it's a great parody of the Holmes pastiches that were appearing almost daily.  The Burroughs estate was not  amused, and threatened to sue, so this book is something of a find these days. Farmer rewrote it (sans Tarzan) as "The Adventure of Three Madmen" in THE GRAND ADVENTURE. In 1999 the Burroughs estate finally allowed Farmer to write an original Tarzan novel, THE DARK HEART OF TIME.  It was about f-ing time!!! 

Fell, Barry, AMERICA B.C., 1, 1976, Times Books, HB. See 1978 entry.

Flammonde, Paris, UFO EXIST, 1, 1976, Putnam, HB. See 1977 entry.

Florescu, Radu, IN SEARCH OF FRANKENSTEIN, 2, 1976, Warner Books, PB.

Fuller, John G., GHOST OF FLIGHT 401, THE, 1, 1976, Putnam, HB. See 1978 entry.
Gardner, Martin, INCREDIBLE DR. MATRIX, THE, 1976, Scribner's, HB. 

Gardner, John, RETURN OF MORIARTY, THE, 2, 1976, Berkley, PB. Not only did Holmes survive the Reichenbach falls, but so did  Moriarty. Gardner's Moriarty novels (see 1978 entry) are tough tales about the London underworld of the 1880's.  Most of this one deals with how Moriarty rebuilds his organization with ruthless efficiency.

Garfield, Patricia, CREATIVE DREAMING, 2, 1976, Ballantine, PB.

Greenhouse, Herbert B., ASTRAL JOURNEY, THE, 2, 1976, Avon, PB. entry

Gribbin, John R., FORCASTS, FAMINES, AND FREEZES, 1976, Walker, HB. See also CLIMATIC CHANGE, 1978 entry.

Hadingham, Evan, CIRCLES AND STANDING STONES, 2, 1976, Doubleday, Trade.  This was one of the most popular of the surveys of megaliths and   astroarchaeology in the late 70's.  I remember it being in almost every book store I went into at the time.  It is comparable to other good astroarchaeology books of the time, but the large format allowed better pictures and graphics.
Halevi, Z'ev Ben Shimon [Warren Kenton], THE WAY OF THE KABBALAH, 1, 1976, Samuel Weiser, Trade. 

Harrison, Michael, FIRE FROM HEAVEN, 1976, St. Martin's Press, HB. A disturbing book about the most mysterious of deaths: spontaneous human combustion. Harrison reviews the numerous cases and the many theories and controversies concerning the phenomenon.     Harrison is better known as an author of many books about Sherlock Holmes.

Hatch, Alden, BUCKMINISTER FULLER: AT HOME IN THE UNIVERSE, 2, 1976, Delta, Trade. entry

Hawken, Paul, MAGIC OF FINDHORN, THE, 2, 1976, Bantam, PB. entry

Hinckle, Warren, IF YOU HAVE A LEMON, MAKE LEMONADE, 2, 1976, Bantam, PB. See Research Bibliography.

Hymers, R. L., ENCOUNTERS OF THE FOURTH KIND, 1976, Bible Voice (Van Nuys, CA), PB. Reprint of UFOS AND BIBLE PROPHESY, but obscured pub. info.

IN SEARCH OF..., T.V. Series, 1976, Alan Landsburg, Producer:, Began Fall 1976, syndicated, 144 episodes.  This show was a regularly scheduled show that dealt with fringe and unusual topics.  Each half hour show attempted to explore the pros and cons of "the unexplained." More often, the show just presented a quick, surface summary of the arguments surrounding a given topic.  The scripts were often heavy on the "science is powerless to explain..." style of sensational narration.  Occasionally, the show indulged in a bit of skepticism, as in one well thought  out episode which suggested that many "Bermuda Triangle" cases may be the result of modern day piracy.  I recently had a chance to review the shows on cable reruns, and discovered that the show wasn't quite silly as I remembered it to be.  The series is a good index of what was "hot" in fringe topics in the late  70's.

IN SEARCH OF NOAH'S ARK, Motion Picture, 1976, James L. Conway , Director:, This is probably the best of all Sunn Classics' sensational documentary films.  This one's better than most because it reviews the long history of the futile search for Noah's Ark on the slopes of Mount Ararat.  Sunn Classics specialized in the "four wall" movie. Rather than going through      regular release cycles, Sunn would rent the theatre (the "four walls"), saturate the airways with advertising, then take the entire gate receipts. This technique had been used in earlier times, mostly for nature and religious films, but Sunn made it into a high (or low) art.  The movies were low budget, sensational, and exploitative, and usually narrated by the breathless Brad Crandall.  They hit  an all time low in 1980 with IN SEARCH OF THE HISTORIC JESUS (1980 Entry).

Jacobs, David Michael, UFO CONTROVERSY IN AMERICA, THE, 2, 1976, New American Library, Trade.


Johnson, Robert A., SHE: UNDERSTANDING FEMININE PSYCHOLOGY, 1, 1976, Religious Publishing Co. (King of Prussia, PA), HB. See 1977 entry.

Johnson, George and Tanner, Dan, BIBLE AND THE BERMUDA TRIANGLE , THE, 1976, Logos International (Plainfield, NJ), HB and Trade.  Flying saucers are actually manifestations of demons, and the Bermuda triangle is one of the doors to hell.  This is a fine example of some of the absolutely bizarre stuff being published for the religious market.

Keen, Sam, VOICES AND VISIONS, 1976, Vintage, PB. See Research Bibliography.
Keene, Layman, PSYCHIC MAFIA, THE, 1976, St. Martin's Press, HB. You may never trust a professional psychic again.  Keene reveals the ticks of the psychic con game, and how unsuspecting customers are passed from one psychic con artist to the next, in a close knit organization. 
Kimberly, Gail, DRACULA BEGAN, 1976, Pyramid PB.

King, Francis, and Skinner, Stephen, TECHNIQUES OF HIGH MAGIC, 1, 1976, Warner Books. PB.  This is a manual of ritual magic of the Golden Dawn tradition.  It is actually one of the few books which explains what it's all about in clear uncluttered language.  Skinner is an authority on the divination system of geomancy (see Skinner, 1977 entry) and King is a perennial author of modern occult titles. This is one of the few books on the Golden Dawn tradition to appear in the mass market format.

Knight, Stephen, JACK THE RIPPER: THE FINAL SOLUTION, 1976, David McKay, HB.  Knight presents a shocking solution to the most famous of all unsolved serial murders.  It was not one killer, he maintains, but three men conspiring to kill anyone with knowledge of a secret royal affair.  Knight also suggests that the murders used connections with English Royal Arch Freemasonry to cover up the crime.  Knight reveals a lot of hitherto unreported facts about the case. I've dabbled in "ripperology" myself, and have long believed that the crimes  were committed by more than one individual.  Knight's solution has come into some strong criticism from major ripperologist Donald Rumbelow, in his JACK THE RIPPER: THE COMPLETE CASEBOOK (see Rumbelow 1976 and 1988 entries).  Knight's ideas became the basis for the 1979 Sherlock Holmes film MURDER BY DECREE (see entry).

Koestler, Arthur, THIRTEENTH TRIBE, THE, 1, 1976, Random House, HB. See 1978 entry.

Kolosimo, Peter, SPACESHIPS IN PREHISTORY, 1976, University Books, HB.

Kopp, Sheldon, IF YOU MEET THE BUDDHA ON THE ROAD, KILL HIM, 2, 1976, Bantam. PB.

Krishnamurti, J., AWAKENING OF INTELLIGENCE, THE, 2, 1976, Avon, PB. entry

Kubler-Ross, Elizabeth, ed., DEATH: THE FINAL STAGE OF GROWTH, 1975, Prentice Hall, HB and Trade,

Landsburg, Alan, IN SEARCH OF LOST CIVILIZATIONS, 1976, Bantam, PB. Tie-in with IN SEARCH OF...  television show.

Landsburg, Alan, IN SEARCH OF EXTRATERRESTRIALS, 1976, Bantam, PB, , A tie-in book for the IN SEARCH OF...  television show.

Leonard, George, SOMEONE ELSE IS ON THE MOON, 1, 1976, David McKay, HB. See 1977 entry.

LeShan, Lawrence, ALTERNATE REALITIES, 1, 1976, M. Evans Co., HB. See 1976 entry.

LeShan, Lawrence, ALTERNATE REALITIES, 2, 1976, Ballantine, PB. entry

Lilly, John C. and Lilly, Antoinette, DYADIC CYCLONE, THE, 1976, Simon and Schuster, HB?

Lorenzen, Coral and Jim, ENCOUNTERS WITH UFO OCCUPANTS, 1976, Berkley, PB.

Lovecraft. H. P., with, Derleth, August, LURKER AT THE THRESHOLD , THE, 3, 1976, Ballantine, PB.

MacLaine, Shirley, YOU CAN'T GET THERE FROM HERE, 2, 1976, Bantam, PB. entry

McGill, Ormond, HOW TO PRODUCE MIRACLES, 1, 1976, A. S. Barnes, HB. See 1977 entry.

Meyer, Nicholas, WEST END HORROR, THE, 1976, Dutton, HB.

Moody, Raymond A., Jr., LIFE AFTER LIFE, 2, 1976, Bantam, PB. entry


Oldenbourg, Zoe, DESTINY OF FIRE, 3, 1976, Avon, PB.

OMEN, THE, Motion Picture, 1976, Richard Donner, Director:, David Seltzer, Writer:,  Ramsey Campbell called this film "the most knowing, most cynical of Hollywood's essays in diabolism" (in Sullivan, Research Bibliography).  He might have added the word "calculated" to the description.  The story concerns  the birth and early childhood of the Antichrist.  On one hand, it openly embraces reactionary Armageddon theology, while on the other, it revels in scenes of decapitation, mayhem, and pain unprecedented in the history of film, at that point.  The decapitation of David Warner in this film began the current scramble by special effects men to kill more people in more grotesque ways. It is curious that the film quotes a doggerel
rhyme rather than scripture, to show fulfilment of prophesy.  What was the problem?  Couldn't the producers get permission to quote from the original?  In the end, the film ends up as a horror show for Christians who sleep in church.

Ostrander, Sheila and Schroeder, Lynn, ESP PAPERS, THE, 1976, Bantam, PB. Owen, Iris M. and Sparrow, Margaret,

CONJURING UP PHILIP, 1, 1976, Harper and Row, HB. see 1977 entry.

Panati, Charles, ed., GELLER PAPERS, THE, 1976, Houghton Mifflin, HB. PB?

Rees, Alwyn, and Rees, Brinley, CELTIC HERITAGE, 2, 1976, Thames and Hudson, Trade.

Rhinehart, Luke, BOOK OF EST, THE, 1976, Holt, Rinehart and Winston, HB and Trade.

Rice, Anne, INTERVIEW WITH THE VAMPIRE, 1, 1976, Alfred A. Knopf, HB. See 1977 entry

Roberts, Jane, COMING OF SETH, THE, 2, 1976, Pocket Books, PB. Reprint of HOW TO DEVELOP YOUR ESP POWER, 1974 entry.   Here's a classic example of cheap deceptive titling.  Roberts wrote this book before her encounter with Seth.  The book has little or nothing to do with the later Seth series.  Did you buy it, and then develop a urge to fire-bomb the editorial offices of Simon and Schuster (the publishers of Pocket books)?  Next time, read that fine print!
Rohmer, Sax (Arthur Sarsfield Ward), WRATH OF FU MANCHU, 1976, DAW Books, PB. This is a collection of "lost" Rohmer stories, including four uncollected Fu Manchu tales.  It is a must-read for the completists. 
Ropp, Robert de, DRUGS AND THE MIND, 3, 1976, Dell, PB. Revision of 1957 work.

Rumbelow, Donald, COMPLETE JACK THE RIPPER, THE, 2, 1976, Signet, PB, See Rumbelow, 1988 entry.  The author, a London policeman, and curator of the Black Museum of the City of London Police Department, writes with great authority about the most famous serial killer of all.  One of the best things about this work is its objectivity.  Rumbelow covers all the many theories about the Ripper, and puts  them to hard tests.  Being a historian for the London police has advantages, and Rumbelow has unearthed a whole series of documents and photos which help understand the subject better.  The 70's was especially rich in speculations about the Ripper, and this title is a big help in sorting them out.  An updated edition of this title appeared in 1988 (entry) and was even better. (See also,  Knight, JACK THE RIPPER, 1976 entry).
Rush, Anne Kent, MOON, MOON, 1976, Random House, Trade, This is a book of moon lore, with emphasis on the ancient mother goddess associated with it.  The book is actually a kind source book for women  to rediscover their ancient lunar heritage.  Rush's work is one of the earliest and most popular of the growing number of "goddess religion" titles which appeared in the late 70's.

Seltzer, David, OMEN, THE, 1976, Signet, PB, The movie tie-in for the film of that same year.

SEVEN PER-CENT SOLUTION, Motion Picture, 1976, Herbert Ross , Director:, Nicholas Meyer from his novel, Writer:, This is surely the most critically over-rated Holmes film of all time.  The adaptation of Meyer's novel flounders on the shoals of bad casting.  Nicol Williamson is awful as Holmes.  Robert Duvall's mid- West twang bleeding through his fake British accent turns Dr. Watson into a freak.  Following Holmes' cure for cocaine addiction by Dr. Freud (an equally miscast Alan Arkin), they all rush off to solve an overblown mystery. It seems at times like a Firesign Theatre or Monty Python parody of a Holmes tale.  One does wonder if the production staff, cast and crew weren't dipping into the nose-candy themselves.

SHERLOCK HOLMES IN NEW YORK, Motion Picture, 1976, Boris Segal, Director:, Alvin Sapinsky, Writer:, This was first run on television in October of 1976--the same month that A SEVEN PER- CENT SOLUTION (1976 entry) was released in theatres.  The big surprise was that, unlike other US attempts, it was very good.  It is a much better film than A SEVEN PER-CENT SOLUTION, too. Patrick MacNee is a great Watson, and John Huston is a great hammey Moriarty.  Only Roger Moore as Holmes is not quite right, but he did try to overcome the miscasting.

Singer, June, ANDROGYNY, 1976, Doubleday, HB. entry

Sitchin, Zecharia, 12TH PLANET, THE, 1, 1976, Stein and Day, HB, See 1978 entry.

Slate, B. Ann and Berry, Alan, BIGFOOT, 1976, Bantam, PB.  Slate and Berry are two more bigfoot trackers.  The blurb proclaims "face to face encounters with this massive, hairy creature, fully documented with actual 35mm photographs--and voice prints derived from authentic tape recordings."  The voice prints are reproduced, but you'll look in vain for any new photos of the creature.  The authors do include the little known incidents  of bigfoot sightings in Western Pennsylvania, in the early 70's.  This title also catalogues possible connections with UFO phenomenon, an inevitable, perhaps irresistible idea.

SONG REMAINS THE SAME, THE, Motion Picture, 1976, Clifton, Director: Peter, Massot , Concert Footage by Joe, October 1976.  This is bits and pieces from several failed film projects by rock  group Led Zeppelin.  Each of the four members have fantasy episodes which are inserted into particularly long instrumental solos of live concert footage (which dates from around 1973).  Two of the episodes say a lot about the interests of the dominant members.  Robert Plant indulges himself in a Celtic/  medieval sword and sorcery vignette, while the Crowleyite Jimmy Page suffers a  metamorphosis into the 9th Tarot trump, "The Hermit" (familiar to all from the  interior painting for LED ZEPPELIN IV).  Stephen Davis (1985 entry) claims that  as weak as the film is, it still was a major influence on later Heavy Metal videos.  Its worth catching as an example of mid-70's hard rock and magic.

Speeth, Kathleen Riordan, GURDJIEFF WORK, THE, 1, 1976, And/Or Press, Trade. See 1978 entry.

Steiger, Brad, ed., PROJECT BLUE BOOK, 1976, Ballantine, PB. entry
Stone, Merlin, WHEN GOD WAS A WOMAN, 1976, Dial, Trade. Stone presents an argument that the ancient goddess cult of antiquity was ruthlessly suppressed by later male centered religious cults.  There seems little doubt that something like this happened.  Stone's analysis of this change in religious orientation leads her to the rather radical conclusion that most (if not all) male gods of antiquity were originally female in gender. This idea was very controversial, even within the radical feminist religious   movement (see POLITICS OF WOMEN'S SPIRITUALITY, Research Bibliography). In the years since the book was published, Stone's ideas have begun to look sillier and sillier. 


Story, Roland, SPACE-GODS REVEALED, THE, 1, 1976, Harper and Row, HB. See 1977 entry.

Stringfellow, William and, Towne, Anthony, DEATH AND LIFE OF BISHOP PIKE , THE, 1976, Doubleday, HB.  Need Copy and info. PB?

Temple, Robert, SIRIUS MYSTERY, THE, 1976, St. Martin's Press, Trade. Temple presents an argument for extraterrestrial visitations from  the Sirius star system in Earth's ancient past.  Unlike von Daniken, Temple is a good scholar and documents much of his hypothesis with solid evidence and a good working knowledge of ancient history. Temple is the author who popularized the stories about the Dogon, the African tribe whose rituals mimic the movements of Sirius and Sirius B.  As Sirius B.'s movement is detectable only with sophisticated modern equipment, Temple surmised that the Dogon retain some special knowledge    imparted to them from ancient visitors.  This book remains one of the most satisfying of all the extraterrestrial genesis titles.

Tomas, Andrew, ON THE SHORES OF ENDLESS WORLDS, 1976, Bantam, PB. This is a continuation of the arguments in his WE ARE NOT THE FIRST (1971 entry).  It's a great title, anyway.
Tompkins, Peter, MYSTERIES OF THE MEXICAN PYRAMIDS, 1976, Harper and Row, HB. Companion to Tompkins SECRETS OF THE GREAT PYRAMID (1971 entry), and a wonderful survey of the original archaeologists and crackpots who studied the pyramids of the new world. It was followed by the even more interesting MAGIC OF OBELISKS (1981 entry).
Toth, Max and Nielsen, Greg, PYRAMID POWER, 2, 1976, Warner Books, PB. "Newly Revised and enlarged" ed. 

Waite, Arthur Edward, ed., HERMETIC AND ALCHEMICAL WRITINGS OF PARACELSUS , THE, 1976, Shambhala, Trade/ 2 vols. Reprint of 1894 British ed.

Watson, Lyall, ROMEO ERROR, THE, 2, 1976, Dell, PB. entry

Weldon, John, and, Levitt, Zola, UFOS: WHAT ON EARTH IS HAPPENING? 2, 1976, Bantam, PB. entry.

Wheeler, David, JOURNEY TO THE OTHER SIDE, 1976, Tempo Books,  (with Ace logo), PB.

Wilson, David, NEW ARCHAEOLOGY, THE, 2, 1976, Meridian, Trade. "New archaeology" is distinguished from "old archaeology" by its   emphasis on hard scientific techniques and technologies. An "old archaeologist" would spend time collecting pot shards for date comparison, while a "new archaeologist" would more likely collect pollen from the site, and tell you about ancient diets.  The scientific archaeologists really shook up European archaeology in the 60's, caused a lot of cultures to be redated, and textbooks  to be totally rewritten.

Wilson, Colin, GELLER PHENOMENON, THE, 1976, Aldus Books/British ed., HB.

Wilson, Colin, STRANGE POWERS, 1976, Random House, PB.
Wolf, Leonard, ed., THE ANNOTATED "DRACULA,"  2, 1976, Ballantine, Trade. 

YEAR OF THE CAT, Stewart, Al, 1976, Janus Records, Record Album. Stewart was a Scottish singer/songwriter who wrote rather haunting, jazz influenced ballads.  According to Chinese astrology, 1975 was the "year of the cat" ( or the "year of the rabbit," according to who you read!).  Stewart's most famous song was also titled "Year of the Cat."  The L. P. made the album charts in late November of 1976, but the single (of the same name) didn't make  the "top 40" charts until late January or February of 1977.  This means that the song about the "year of the cat" made its debut in the "year of the dragon," but most people became familiar with it in the "year of the snake."  OK?

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